Locally owned, e- Medical Systems, Inc has been in business for more than 20 years. We have worked with a variety of health care professionals during this time to include therapists, chiropractors, physicians, nurses, dentists, surgeons and hospitals to name a few. We are one of the most engaged and professional service providers in the field. Our owners have over 25+ years experience in the business of healthcare and have a longstanding rapport with professionals in the community. 
Since 1998, our goal, has been to provide the best solution to our clients in a very simple format that is easy to use. It is not just about our services, but about finding the right mix that offers a perfect balance for our clients. We consider our relationship with our customers a partnership. Measured by success, we expect our clients to do exceptionally well. 



About Our Partnership with Easy Pay©

The team at Easy Pay are experienced payment professionals with a proven history of helping businesses navigate and prosper in the payment processing industry for over two decades. Easy Pay provides payment processing solutions to businesses large and small, and our partners enjoy "white-glove" VIP treatment from the best in the business.